i-Loview 7 Full HD

Photo image of the i-Loview 7 Full HD portable magnifier. The magnifier sits on top of a newspaper. The display shows some of the text in large print.

Popular features:

  • Adjustable magnification up to 120x
  • Portable (7” long x 4” wide by 1.7” thick)
  • Lightweight at just over 1 pound
  • Continuous Auto Focus Zoom technology
  • Simple and easy to use for handwriting
  • SD card support saves captured images for later viewing, or sharing with other devices
  • 4.1 hours battery life

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Online User Guide (PDF)

If you’re in the market for a great low vision aid, look no further than than the i-Loview 7, Full HD.

Featuring a crisp, clear, full high definition 7-inch display, the i-Loview 7 Full HD is a portable, handheld CCTV that you use to magnify virtually anything. It’s also one of the most compact designs on the market, and very stylish.

Developed by professional video engineers from Samsung and by Mr. Chris Park, the image quality is amazingly clear and crisp.

Photo image of the i-Loview 7 being used to magnify a tube of medicinal cream.Photo image of a person holding i-Loview in the direction of a sign on a wall.

The i-Loview can be used for both close-up and distance viewing. 

So whether you want to read a newspaper or magazine, check the directions on a medicine bottle, or review details on a sign several feet or meters away, i-Loview can help you do so independently.

The adjustable zoom level magnifies all the way up to 120x, helping you find a zoom level that is just right.

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i-Loview7 Full HD

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