BAUM has an almost 35-year history with reading machine solutions for the blind, going back to the very early days with Kurzweil Reading Machine 400 (KRM 400) and Kurzweil Reading Edge.

Today, BAUM manufactures two solutions:

  • Poet Compact2: with an easy-to-use 3-button interface, and two knobs for speech speed and volume, Poet Compact2 is our most popular OCR speaking reading machine. Press the button to start or stop scanning. Use the other two buttons to start and stop speech. MSRP: $1,995.
  • Poet Compact2+: just like the Compact2, this model Poet reading machine can scan and store thousands and thousands of scanned pages into memory. This model also includes a CD drive that lets you insert DAISY CDs and listen to DAISY books. Additional buttons are provided to allow navigation through a document by word, phrase, line, sentence, paragraph, or page. Change voices for reading and system messages. MSRP $2,495.
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