VarioUltra v1.33 Software

Version 1.33 software for VarioUltra is currently available.

Key features:

  • Bluetooth pairing. Initiating Bluetooth pairing from VarioUltra is still available. New with this release is the ability to initiate Bluetooth pairing from other devices such as a mobile device or computer. Greatly improves the process of pairing with a Windows computer. Learn more in Section 2.3 Using VarioUltra as a Bluetooth Braille Display.
  • Copy and paste text from VarioUltra to an iOS or Android mobile device, over Bluetooth. Copy up to 10,000 characters from the VarioUltra Braille Notetaker clipboard and paste it via a Bluetooth connection to your iOS or Android mobile device. Learn more in Section 2.3.7 Paste Contents of Clipboard to Mobile Device.
  • One-Hand Mode. This new feature allows the input of text and commands in the Braille Notetaker mode, using just one half of the keyboard. Learn more in Section 10.5.4 One Hand Mode.
  • Key Debounce. If you type braille really fast, this feature lets you adjust the response time after a key is depressed and released, avoiding the issue of some characters being lost during the input process. Learn more in Section 10.5.6 Key Debounce.
  • Cleanup. Although VarioUltra’s 32GB of internal storage is sufficient for most people, if you ever find yourself needing extra space, use the Cleanup tools to remove things such as temp files, OS backups, and software backups. Learn more in Section 10.11.2 Cleanup Memory.
  • Restore Default Settings. This is especially helpful in situations where you’re loaning or borrowing a VarioUltra, but also helpful at times when you just want to erase settings and start again. Includes an option to remove all Bluetooth pairing information. Learn more in Section 10.11.3 Reset Device.
  • Improved recognition of USB drives. Not all USB sticks are created equally. Work has been done to reduce instances where a stick might not be recognized.
  • Software Update improvements. Once your device is upgraded to version 1.33, future software updates can be installed via the new Settings > System menu. Additionally, VarioUltra will check to make sure newly installed update files are working properly before erasing the previous operating system. 
  • Remember Cursor Position in Word Processor. Regardless of file type, the Word Processor application now remembers your last cursor position when closing or saving a document. 

The VarioUltra user manual has been updated to reflect the changes in version 1.33. For your convenience, the user guide is available to read online in HTML format. There are also DOCX versions and a zip archive; the zip file contains copies of both the HTML and DOCX versions for reading off line. 

For instructions on how to update VarioUltra, please refer to section 1.11 Updating VarioUltra. If anything is unclear, please contact BAUM USA Technical Support via email, support @

The VarioUltra v1.33 update file is 16.8 MB in size, and is a ZIP archive file that needs to be copied to VarioUltra internal storage (Flashdisk). Do not rename or unzip the file. Doing so will cause an error. 

Are you using the Safari browser on a Mac? If so, go to Safari Preferences > General, and uncheck the box Open “safe” files after downloading. If the box is checked, the VarioUltra update file will be unzipped and will not work. 

We hope you enjoy VarioUltra v1.33. If you have any questions or need support with the update process, please contact us. 

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