Pairing VarioUltra with an iOS Device

Pairing with and connecting to an iPhone or iPad is easy with VarioUltra. If you prefer to listen or watch how it’s done, check out our instructional video “Using VarioUltra with iOS Devices” at, or start the embedded video directly below this line.

Written instructions now follow. For the purposes of this training, we will assume that you have VarioUltra with software version 1.2 or newer, and an iOS device running iOS 8.3 or newer.

On your iOS device:

  1. Go to Settings\Bluetooth, and make sure Bluetooth is switched on. 

On your VarioUltra:

  1. Make sure VarioUltra’s Device Mode Switch is set to Braille Notetaker mode.
  2. Go to Settings\Bluetooth, and make sure the Bluetooth checkbox is checked; this indicates that Bluetooth is on. If it’s off, just press the cursor routing button above the empty checkbox, or move right with the Navistick.
  3. Using the Navistick, move down to the ’Scan’ option, and select it by tapping the left thumb key, B9.
  4. After scanning is complete, use the Navistick to move left or right through the list of Bluetooth devices that are in range. 
  5. When you find your device listed — BAUM’s iPhone, for example — move down with the Navistick to the ‘Pair’ option, and select it by tapping B9. 

On your iOS device:

  1. When prompted to enter the pair code, enter 1111.
  2. Swipe left to the Pair button, and select it.
  3. Exit from Settings\Bluetooth. You should not need to return here again,
  4. Go to Settings\General\Accessibility\VoiceOver\Braille. Scroll down to the ‘Choose a Braille Display’ section and double-tap on VarioUltra that appears in the list. It should say “Connected”, indicating that you have successfully connected your iOS device to VarioUltra.

On your VarioUltra:

  1. Slide VarioUltra’s Device Mode Switch to Braille Display mode.
  2. Press and hold S2 (system key #2) and tap braille key 4, 5, 6, or 8 to switch to the appropriate Bluetooth channel. Using our BAUM iPhone example from above, if it’s on channel 1 we will press S2+B4, and see “BT1 BAUM iPhone” on the braille display. 

That’s all there is to it. For a list of commands that you can enter from VarioUltra in order to control your iOS device, please refer to the Appendix section of the VarioUltra user manual, or check out the iOS Commands page elsewhere on this web site.

For additional support, please email BAUM USA Technical Support at or by calling toll-free to (855) 620-7985.

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